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Bengali Shayari Very Sad And Romantic In bengali sms and love shayari

Hopeless Shayari in bengali is to a great degree slanting look on the Internet Bangla miss u sms for girlfriend. Every sweetheart needs to scrutinize these kind of Shayari's. Some of them share it on Social Media and others consider them in a diary. Anyway, Are you in like manner scanning for Sad bengali Shayari for WhatsApp and Facebook? In case Yes, by then this article is phenomenally made for you. I am will bestow something exceptional to all the broken sweethearts who filter for Bewafa Dard Shayari!! Undoubtedly, it's awful condition when some individual makes Us amazingly furious Bangla-heart-touching-SMS. In this time, we in general go to Sad Songs and Sad Shayari. On Google, a pack of locales is open which gave groups of Sad Status to Whatsapp and Shayari anyway as I see, they aren't captivating too much. Here, you will get the Saddest Love Shayari in bengali which has suggestions also. Everything, I am will share is striking and entrancing people so don't figure you will find the opportunity to examine same and same things on all destinations. You may in like manner like Attitude Shayari. You can also Bangla Shayari download

Bengali Shayari Very Sad And Romantic In bengali sms and love shayari 

It's not too easy to find our pined for Sad Shayari in bengali on the web. We all in all have different alternatives and no one cherishes a comparable you like, isn't that so? Without a doubt, that is the reason we will give you an extraordinary Sad Shayari aggregation through this article. We trust you will love our social event. Every sweetheart feels hopeless at whatever point he/she stand up to any issue in a relationship. Along these lines, we are going to sharing some Sad Love Shayari in bengali for you. You can send these Bengali Sad Shayari to your Whatsapp contacts or can similarly post on your Facebook course of occasions. After it, we will moreover share bengali Shayari Images with you. You may like our Love Whatsapp Status and WhatsApp Profile Pictures also!!

Here about bengali forsaken shayari. Each one of us, start to look all starry peered toward at whatever point for the duration of regular day to day existence. Love is most fundamental thing of human life. We worship people, we love our family, we treasure animal. In any case, occasionally, some individual breakdown our heart with wrong love. Each endeavor make compelling of love. In any case, someone can do it and others are unquestionably not. People get a kick out of the opportunity to live with their esteemed individual for long life. Along these lines, we lock in normal. Regardless, for any reason, we can not contact of our esteemed person. Than we feel extraordinarily severity. To Implies this intensity, we have to share some bengali appalling shayari with our Close relatives. So here you will get such countless heartbreaking sms shayari.

Bengali Shayari Very Sad And Romantic In bengali sms and love shayari 
Every worship association start with a wistful moment. Love couple exchange rose with each other. They adulate all days with all the best and welcome. They put massive vitality in stop or restaurant. They go to some chronicled place to value a couple of minutes. Regardless, if cheat any person between two man, than there is made a many-sided association. On that time they have to grant their hopeless estimations to another people. Fo that time we created here some bengali forsaken shayari.

Bengali Shayari Very Sad And Romantic In bengali sms and love shayari

    আমি আজ বসে আছি,
শুধু পথ চেয়ে,....
সুন্দর দিগন্তে......!
শুধু আলো ছোঁয়া....!
আজ আছি একলা বসে...!
শুধু সেই শুভক্ষনে...!
শুভু প্রতীক্ষায়...!
আজ ভালোবাসি তোমায়....

শুধু তোমায় |

Chere deor jonno haat deyni.
Bhule jaor jonno mon deyni.

Dure jaor jonno kache asini.

Ghrina korat jonno bhalobasi ni.

R dukho pabar jonno tomai bhalobasi ni.

আমি তোমাকে হারাবো..!
জেনেও চেয়েছি .!
আমি তোমাকে না
পেয়েও পেয়েছি..!
তার বেদনায় আমি
অঝরে কেঁদেছি.!
আমি তোমাকে

পাবনা জেনেও ভালোবেসেছি ...!

Amon kono ful thake
Jar keu name janena.

Amon kono tara thake

Se kono alo deyna.

R amon kono manush thake

Jake kono din bhula jai na.

প্রেম মানে হৃদয়ের টান...!
প্রেম মানে একটু অভিমান..
দুটি পাখির একটি নির,
একটি নদীর দুটি তীর
দুটি মনে একটি আশা,

তার নাম ভালোবাসা....

Bengali Shayari Very Sad And Romantic In bengali sms and love shayari 

Fuler maje tume amar sourab,
Moner maje tume amar gourab,
Tomake chara katabo ke vabe a jibon,
Tume ja amar nil akasher protom chader voirab.

তোমার জন্য সইবো আমি কষ্ট সারি সারি,
চাইলে আমি মুঠোয় ভরে জীবন দিতে পারি,
তোমাকেই করি যে তাই এতো ডাকা ডাকি,
শুধু তোমাকেই ভালোবাসি.

আমার সোনা পাখি |

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kichu kichu swapano dekar age vange jay.
kichu kichu kota bolar age ses hoye jay.
kichu kichu mon debar age venge jay.
kichu kichu asha money more jay.
Kichu kichu manus jibone asbar age dure chole jay.

জেক মিস করি,
... সে তুমি..
যাকে ভালোবাসি সে তুমি
যাকে সপ্ন দেখি সে তুমি.
যাকে বন্ধু ভাবি, সে তুমি
কিন্তু তুমি যাকে বন্ধু ভাবো,

...... সে কি আমি....

Kichu kichu Kota muke bola jayna.
Kichu kichu kota muke bola jayna.

Kichu Kichu dos boja jayna

Kichu kichu manus sob kichu buje o kono kichu boje na.

Jiban moner jonno 
Valobasha sobar jonno
Amar mon tomar jonno
Tume amar jonno

যে তোমায় বুঝতে চাই না
তার কাছে
বারবার নিজেকে প্রকাশ
 করতে যেও না
কারণ সে তোমাকে
 কখনো বুঝবে না
বিনিময়ে তুমি

 অনেক কষ্ট পাবে...!!

Tume amar nil akasher swapano beja ghum.
Tume amar ghumar maje swapane deka tara.
Tume amar jiboner say sesher bondu.

Tomake chara vaba jayna amar jiboner kandro bindu.

Hriday bhora dukho amar.
Koste bhora Mon.
Buker bhitor kosto gulo

Kande sarakhon.

Chokher kone osro gulo

Jhore sarakhon.

Tobu kano mone pore tomay


মানুষের কাছ থেকে যখন
 ভালোবাসা হারিয়ে যায়,        
তখন চোখ দিয়ে জল ঝরে না...
তখন তার কাছে

বেঁচে থাকা অনেক কষ্টকর হয়ে পড়ে....

Bhalobasa dilam sudhu.
Bhalobasa pelamna.
Dukho bedona chara

Bhalobasa ki aj o bujhlam ma.

Bhalobasa dilam sudhu.
Bhalobasa pelamna.
Dukho bedona chara

Bhalobasa ki aj o bujhlam ma.

Kichhu bolar aagei somai cholejai.
Kichhu sopno dekhar aagei ghum bhenge jai.
R kichhu bhalobasa amon je sudhu sopno dekhai.
Sopno sotti korte chaile bohu dur cholejai.

Tumi asbe bole ami cheye thaki.
Tomai pabo bole ami asharakhi..

Kintu tomai pabona jene o 

Tomai bhalobasi

Bhalobasa jodi batha hobe.
Bhalobasi keno a mon tobe.
Prothom bhalobasa koto modhur.

Bojhe bujhe a mon onurage.

Bhalobasa sukher sopno.dey sudhu batha.

Bhalobasa nam sundor.asole se batha.

Akasate lokho tara miti miti hase.

Ajke ami sopno dekhi tumi amar pase.

Hotat a bhabe  tume amar hobe

Vabechinu hoytoba avanay,……..

Alpo alpo kichu golpo chilo-

Tar maje mon chilo binimoy……….

Hotat a bhabe tume amar hobe…………….!

Sadin rat chilo josna vora

Pasa pashi chinu dujon attohara………….

Kau karo chilo nato voy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!.

Tar maje mon chilo binimoy………………..

Kokon ke bhabe kar prem hoyejay

Asole palam ay say porichy-………..

Ayto jamon holo subho porinoy…….!

Tomar amar such basre

Mele jugol akhi

Nai ba dile amar hate

Tomar milon akhi| 

Nai b anile bahur dore

Gonvir valobese

Tbuo amar atta milbe

Tomar prone ase|

Naiba hasuk hidoy kanon

Tomar promer fule

Tbuo amar mon jpibe

Tomar namti vule|

Naiba deya bkul mala

Hoyto akhon basi

Tbu Tari subas pabe

Cheton mone asi|

Naiba ale jibon ndir

Promod kheyay vese

Bela sese kheyar ghate

Biday dio go hese|


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